home alone.

This is what boredom does to you.

Muri was asking me if I knew any cool websites to look at since he was bored. I told him he should go to maron101.blogspot.com! *laughs* Everyday, I find myself going to Maron’s blog and amusing myself with his funny, sometimes unusual, sometimes too dramatic take on things. The most prominent words on his blog right now are: career, nginig, and fight. Those three words could pretty much sum up his life right now, if his blog is to be believed.

Career- School. School. And more school. Against Maron’s 89 Accounting test and his 91 Math long test, my 79’s look pathetic. Good for him that he’s keeping his eyes set on those A’s and B+’s! I’d be lucky to get anywhere near those two marks.

Nginig– Would you believe that I don’t know what this word means? Of course I know what it means literally, to shake. But then, that’s not what Maron implies when he uses that word, right? I mean, what the hell does “Nanginig siya.” mean? Kilig? Maybe. I’ll keep that definition for now. Nginig= Kilig.

Fight- When it comes to love, you’ve got to fight all the way. At least that’s what Maron says. In a perfect world, in a hopeful, optimistic and idealistic world that exists merely in the minds of the most hopeless romantics, “fighting” is what’s expected. In the real world, where everything plain hurts, choosing this supposedly higher road is tough. Maron, you’re one tough cookie.

It’s on days like these when I realize that Kamiseta’s absolutely right when they said, “It’s fun being a girl.” No worries about whether to fight or to turn your back. No worries about being publicly laglaged. Girls don’t have to put their prides and egos on the line. At least not as often as guys. Still, there’s always the downside. Aside from mother nature’s gift (or curse), there’s always that sense of being objectified. Is that even the right word? (Heck, is that even a word?)

What do I mean? Well, let’s say a particularly arrogant and annoying SCI 10 classmate looks you up and down blatantly in broad daylight in front of your friends. Then he proceeds to tell his friend, “Girl ko yan.” when you haven’t even spoken a single word to this cheeky classmate in your life. One word: Bastos. I can take a certain level of hot air, I can take arrogance, but what I can never take is someone who has no respect.

Cara has been telling me all about what this guy’s been saying for the past few weeks. Cara would always scold him, all in my behalf. At first, I’d laugh it off, thinking this is all a harmless joke. I thought maybe this dude’s just a little bit bored, a little demented, and more or less, just KSP. I’d wave it all off with a laugh. I’d tell Ca that it’s nothing. But after the SEC-A incident Jill told me about (I didn’t even know he was there! Ha! You’re invisible!), I don’t know if I’d be able to take having him behind me during SCI 10 class. Why won’t he stay put in his goddamn seat? Heeelllp…


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