sleep vs. happiness

I stayed up and waited for the clock to strike midnight just so I could greet Nati on the dot. I don’t usually stay up that late. In fact, I don’t at all… unless I’m cramming for something major. If I still haven’t done my Accounting homework, sleep. If I haven’t read anything for Theo class, sleep. If there’s a French quiz to study for that I haven’t, *panic* and then sleep. Simply put, once the hour hand goes past eleven, my vocabulary is reduced to one word: sleep.

Last night was different though. And why not? It’s Nati’s birthday after all! So I happily stayed up while I tinkered around with Photoshop and wrote little notes to put along with our gift for her. Finally, the digital display on my Nike watch turned to 12:00 and I excitedly got my cellphone and typed in a birthday message. Then, I waited. One minute. Two minutes. Fifteen minutes.

Ayyy. Tulog na siya! I found out today that she hit the sack at 11. We switched bedtimes! It was so funny. Of all the times I decided to greet somebody, that person had to be asleep! So, the lesson for today is not to stay up until 12 when you had one sadistic afternoon of tennis training, just to greet your friend. *laughs then pauses* Nah. I would have done the same thing over again if I had to.

I would have done it all again for the satisfaction of seeing Nati happy. It’s great seeing your friends so jolly (hehe). I keep flashing back to Cel’s Energizer Bunny moment when she was so hyper over “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang“. You just can’t help but smile along with them, get caught up in their infectious mood. And if their happiness means getting a free Starbucks frappucino along the way, then why not make them happy everyday? (Did i just rhyme?)

Cel and I couldn’t help but share a laugh earlier when Nati exclaimed that she wanted to have an experience similar to the guys in “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. She was already wearing her new Chilly Papa jeans, but she had no idea that she had a whole new outfit already planned out for her today. We couldn’t deliver on the interior design, but Jill did bake her a nice big fat cake! So, we covered a bit of ground. We’d definitely give Carson a run for his money though! (Wait, for his money? or for her money?) You’d never think that Jill put together that outfit in under 30 minutes. Now that’s what we call a quick shopper!

“I’ll never forget this.”- Nati

One happy friend. Check! Now, all we have to do is take care of Jill’s birthday present. Two more days to go! One more happy friend coming up!


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