excuse my french.

“When French people swear do they say: Pardon my English?”

Wala lang. Bored? You might want to check out www.goodquotes.com Some questions there just might get you thinking. My brain’s been searing on the grill for too long a time. I’ve found happiness in reading all these trivial and sometimes nonsensical questions. Sorry, I guess that’s what studying for a Theology long test and a French dialogue can do to me. Makes me go a bit bonkers.

Mind you, bonkers does not equal lovey-dovey. I had a momentary lapse at World Topps upon pondering the meaning of “I’ll be your love suicide.” (Eehh… Really, does that line make any sense to you? I still can’t figure that one out.) But, I have not progressed exponentially to a state of lovey-doveyness. Ce n’est pas possible when I have to worry about how to schedule watching “The Notebook” with Nati in French! Adam and Eve will have to wait until tomorrow. God’s 24-hour day doesn’t seem to be quite enough for me today.

It’s past 11. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.


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