oh happy day.

I was blocked by Alyana three times.

The funny thing was, each time she blocked me, the words that escaped my mouth were “Wow.” “Nice!” or “Tangkad!”, not exactly frustrated-after-being-blocked material. So lean, so tall, so fast! I had a hard time keeping track of where she was going, but I had to stick to her like glue. That’s what Teolo and Rickett told me. Each time I had to contend with her for the rebound the same thought kept going through my head, “It’s not in the height, it’s in the jump!” *laughs* Rickett said it should have been, “It’s not in the height, it’s in the heart!” Whoops.

My version seemed to work though. Normally, I never get any rebounds. Today, the ball seemed to gravitate towards me, all I had to do was jump up and grab it! It was odd. The ball never used to come my way. I’d position myself to the right and the ball would bounce to the left. I’d position myself to the left and the ball would deflect to the right. But today, all I had to do was stand somewhere, anywhere, and I could more or less, touch the ball, swat it away, or whatever. *grins* Yey!

Today was fun. AND funny! Every game’s a comedy show when it comes to us! That’s what makes playing so enjoyable. There is bound to be at least one blooper per game, always something to look forward to, something to get those abdominal muscles working as you laugh. Smiles are never ever absent from the court. Well, there was one exception. It was a game with the seniors from last year. Bad day + bad game= bad mood + bad appetite. It was a terribly rough game with the opponents really pushing you around, boxing out relentlessly. Intense. I guess that’s the word to describe that game. I don’t ever want to play something like that again though. That was no fun. Everyone was so serious, so feisty. At first I’d hear myself saying “Sorry.” whenever I’d accidentally step on someone’s foot or hit someone’s hands. After the first few quarters, I had it. If they wanted to play rough, I was gonna give them a rough time too! *laughs* Don’t think it worked well though. I felt so bad after that.

Anyway, as I was saying, today was fun! And all I can say is, ang galing talaga ng sophomores! *laughs* Self-flattery? Nope! I was talking about Team Chette with Alyana, Kri and Bea. Once our defense broke, they’d put in their shots for sure. It was a good thing our Great Wall defense didn’t falter all too often. How can you break through the Nati, Jill and She defense? They’re always all over the opponents.

I still laugh whenever I think about our team name. Doble sentido. Great Wall nga ba, o Great Wall? Hmm, makes me wonder. Who thought up that name in the first place? Team Great Wall. I think I better do some asking around.


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