doors and tricks.

Cheese raclette. Cel had this Teflon-coated tray thing to melt the cheese on before serving. A neat-looking black and blue contraption of sorts. We had authentic Swiss cuisine complete with almost-sweet baby onions, tiny baked potatoes and bacon bits. No doubt, the most fascinating thing about Cel’s house is not the giant white Japanese lantern hanging from the ceiling above the living room, nor the pink infused acrylic painting-slash-sliding-door to the bathroom, it’s the food. I have no idea where they get all these burgis goodies from. Not that I’m complaining. ๐Ÿ˜€ That cheese was good.

Speaking of doors to bathrooms, I got stuck in Cel’s bathroom! I must have spent 5 minutes turning the lock over and over, to the left, to the right, pushing down on the lever, pushing on the door, nothing seemed to work. The other connecting door to the other room seemed easier to open, but I heard the television blaring from the other side. I was sure that wasn’t Cel, but one of her sisters watching a show. I didn’t want to go out from that side, making it obvious that I couldn’t get out the other way. *sheepish grin* So I stubbornly tried to open the door to Cel’s room. Finally, I gave up and sent Cel a text message: Cel, I’m stuck inside your bathroom! wahahaha! I instantly heard laughter from downstairs, and someone clambering up the stairs. I’m apparently victim # 4! The secret to opening the door is not pushing on it with all your might, or mentally willing the door to budge; you have to pull it first! Now, I know.

Thank goodness we don’t have tricky bathroom doorknobs like those in our house. Still, I find it amusing whenever someone has to leave and they can’t open our front door. *hehe* Most of the time, I volunteer the “secret trick” even before they grab ahold of the knob. Sometimes, I just watch and see if they’d get it right. Some people, no matter how many times they come to our house, never seem to remember “what’s wrong” with our door. The others exclaim, “This is the unconventional doorknob!” before reaching for the doorknob and end up opening the door in one try. Bravo! *laughs* The next time I use Cel’s bathroom, I have to be able to open it in one swift movement, too.


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