running off to training.

Whee. I’m still in my pajamas, I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch or brunch, and I have to be at training in an hour. All this + 30 minutes travel time = I’m going to be late! Not that that’s anything out of the ordinary. *smiles* I forgot to bring home the balls last night, so I’ll have to pass by the covered courts to pick them up before heading on over to LTO for another fun-filled afternoon of toasting under the sun! Whoopee. The thing is, I don’t even know if the balls are still going to be there later, or if someone fancied bringing home 70 bright slightly deflated tennis balls. I’ll get to leave practice earlier though, We’re having a study group at Cel’s house! Yey! Fooooood. Cel was tempting me last night with all the great food Manang was cooking for today. Screw the diet (or semi-diet). It’s pig-out time!

Oh, and I went on the weighing scale again, and the 4 kg gain must have been a fluke. Instead of 9-10 lbs., I gained just 6-7! That’s not too bad. Maybe I shouldn’t get on that “diet” like I was supposed to. Why torture myself by resisting all the yummy Chocolate Peanut ice cream in the freezer? Or all those chocolate Mozart balls my dad brought back from Europe? Makes me wonder how Nati could have survived without eating ice cream for 2 whole months (that is, before Marts got her to eat yesterday). Heck, how could Carlo have survived not eating chocolate for 2 whole years? Now that’s what I call self-control. I don’t think I can manage that. I could go a lifetime without, say, ampalaya though! *laughs*


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