gearing up.

Next week is going to be one hell of a hell week. What with the Accounting and Theology tests, plus the deadline of the Accounting project, plus those nerve-wracking French orals! Aaaaah! I can’t take it! The thoughts of sleepless nights, last-minute study groups and right-before-the-test jitters are enough to make me want to cry. “Can I cry?”

And yet, what am I doing here? I should start studying for something, anything. But what? Theo? I don’t even know the coverage of the test. Accounting? I can’t quite do that on my own. French? *shivers* (Nginig? :p ) After that disappointing dialogue blackout earlier this morning, I don’t think I want to deal with my newfound language just yet. Uh-uh. *shakes head*

I am never going to get used to talking in front of a crowd, exactly the reason why I tend not to recite in class. I can count the number of times I’ve (voluntarily) recited in all of my classes since I started college with just my fingers and toes. That’s how bad my recitation record is. Back in high school, whenever the teacher announces a role-play activity, I cringe and think, “If only I had the theatrical abilities of Karla and Tin.” then I proceed to mumble a few lines, unconvincingly. Tsk tsk. I have no future in showbiz! *laughs* Of course, I knew that way back when I couldn’t keep a straight face whenever my brother and I would try playing jokes on my sister. Still, I must be getting better. I must be if RJ fell for the improvised “Victim” stunt we pulled a few weeks ago. *laughs* Still, there’s someone else we have to “victimize” next time.


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