Okay, I just erased the first few lines I typed in because my mom walked in and said I sounded like my immature, grade-school self, always in between the backstabbing and fights. So, I decided to just shut up about that and talk about something cheery instead.

In an hour and 30 minutes it’s going to be Terri’s birthday! Add another 19-year old to the group. By tomorrow, Cel and I will be the only “young” ones left! *smiles* Once September comes rolling around, three things are bound to happen. 1: Everyone (i.e. Nati, Jill and Terri) starts getting depressed about being “old”. 2: My wallet starts its annual deflation and takes on thin-crust pizza thickness by the end of Christmas, the space occupied by wads of receipts. 3: My stomach starts ballooning, with no monthly reductions.

Oh no. It seems like September isn’t such a good month for me! *laughs*


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