spilled milk, pizza and marzipans.

There are six thesis statements I have to study for my SCI 10 Orals on Friday. I got a measly C+ mark, and to think I was hoping for a B+. Needless to say, I was completely let down. A beautiful letdown. Painfully uncool. The church of the drop outs, the losers, the sinners, the failures and the fools. (The Beautiful Letdown- Switchfoot) I feel so stupid. I don’t understand how the first semester of first year college could have been so easy. And now, I’m struggling to keep my grades afloat while everyone else seems to be breezing along. (Think Terri and Nati.) It must be my fault, too. It’s my fault that I don’t recite. (O.2! *laughs*) It’s my fault that I don’t grab my Math notebook and start reviewing whenever I have free time. It’s my fault that I didn’t memorize the five discourses in Matthew when I was studying for my Theology test at 3 in the morning. Nasa huli lagi ang pagsisisi. I just don’t seem to learn. I have two weeks to reverse or at least reduce the damage of 4 months of slacking off. Hay ya yay. C’est ne pas possible!

Next semester, I’m going to be a nerd. Mark my words! Layds = Nerd na ‘to!

Now that I’ve wasted away another chance at the Dean’s List, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. It’s time to move on. It’s time to salvage what I can. It’s time to put my energy into this exegesis, fill it with all the words my vocabulary can muster, flabbergast Fr. Flores with the depth by which we have analyzed 10 sentences, and elongated an analysis which could have filled only 2 pages, into 10 pages of flowery words and astonishing insights. In other words, pure bola. Whoopee.

Of course, every day has its ups and downs. And after that depressing SCI 10 class, ACC 20 was happy-happy-joy-joy! Well, I didn’t understand anything about the cash flow statement, I was spacing out (as usual). But, I was happy with the mark I got for our last long test. So, I guess that offsets my disappointment somewhat. All in all, today still leans toward the bitter side of the how’s-your-day? meter but the afternoon was all good.

Three slices of #4 Cheese pizza. Yum. I’m still not hungry for dinner, although my status in YM has been “dinner” for almost a half hour now. *laughs* Liar. Well, I’m not the only one! 😀 There are faker Busy people, two-hour baths, Do not disturb (only a select few who message are actually considered disturbing) people, and the offline, but apparently only lurking invisibles!

Ooh! I just rememberd, we have these Pampangan delicacies called cashew Marzipans in the fridge! They’re soOoOoOo good! I want to eat the rest of them up, but then, I keep thinking, “When are we going to get another chance to eat these?” I have to hold out and control myself. #1 Because there are only 8 left and I want to enjoy them for as long as I can. #2 Because I don’t want to gain another 8 pounds so soon. #3 Because abs, and not upper and lower bilbils is the goal! *laughs* Let’s just hope my mom doesn’t eat it all up in one sitting later. *crosses fingers*


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