getting ready for the test.

Lazy. That’s what I am. Procrastinator. Crammer. Whiner.

I can get so whiny about school. But I guess I should spare other people and quit whining on and on about how I messed up. It’s not helping anyone anyway. I just can’t get this feeling of regret out of my system. I keep thinking I could have done something more, done something differently. Makes me want to “redeem” myself even more once we get settled into the next semester.

For now, I’ll have to concentrate on studying for our last Accounting 20 test tomorrow. But what the heck am I doing? I’m typing here while everyone else around me is studying for one test or another. I don’t know. I just can’t bring myself to study. Especially when I keep thinking about the piano here in Cel’s house. I keep wanting to do something else, keep finding myself closing my book and just watching Terri, Cel and Aileen reading their Theo books. Still, right now, I think I want to do something more than play with the piano in the living room. I can smell the spaghetti! It’s chow time!


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