rearing its ugly head.

Tamad-itis is settling in again.

Aaah! After 3 hours of reading my Theology handouts I want to call it a night. But, I still have to get something to read from the library tomorrow. Noooo. And I have to be in school before 10 to show my exam permit to a Ms. Mendoza (?) in the Finance and Accounting Department. I had another one of those duh moments earlier when I asked Sir Darwin where the department was. He looked at me with this look on his face that I swore wrote out, “Are you stupid?” Top floor at the SOM. *slaps forehead and laughs* Duh, oo nga naman. I just kept thinking about all the other departments being at De La Costa or Soc Sci. I kept trying to remember the layout of those buildings and just couldn’t seem to put the words “Finance and Accounting” up there with the plaques labeled “Kagawaran ng Pilosopiya” and “Department of Modern Languages”. Well, now I know why. *laughs*

Anyway, since I have an hour and a half to burn tomorrow before our Theo test, I shall switch on to “nerd mode” and imprison myself in the library with the rest of my handouts. And then I’ll pray to God that He won’t forsake me tomorrow. I need this test. I need every test, especially knowing that my 20-point ratio analysis on our Accounting test today was a screw-up. I’ve got to make up for it somewhere else. I sure can’t rely on the Math Finals on Friday, so I guess it all comes down to those 2 hours in Escaler Hall tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Oh, by the way, I really need to work on my recitation marks. I got another one of those 2.2/10-like grades. I got a 1/5 for Accounting class. Hurrah. (I’m being sarcastic.) I think, next semester, someone has to pull my hand up for me, so I’ll be forced to recite! Still, I think it’s unfair, considering I’m always present for class and it’s not like I kept mum the whole time. I deserve a 2! *laughs* Right, big difference. *sticks tongue out*

Yipes! It’s 11 already? Okay, my mind just switched from “wide awake” to “zombie” mode. I think it’s time for me to hit the sack. Darn exam permit. (Oh well, it was my fault.) Now I won’t get my 10 hours of sleep! I can’t wait for the sem break! It’s so near yet so faaaar. *reaches out desperately*

38 more hours to go and it’s all over! Let’s go Layds! (Great, now I’ve resorted to talking to myself.)


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