vacation. vacation. vacation.

Woohoo! The sem break has finally arrived! I cleaned out all the trash in my schoolbag today, filed away any articles that would be of use in the future, threw away pathetic test papers, kept some for scratch. My bag’s all ready for the next sem. I’m all pumped up too, which is why sitting here without having to worry about anything feels a bit weird. It’s funny though. I thought I had a whole week of lounging around before heading off to Bacolod for the UniGames, but no. I have to wake up everyday at 6:00 in the morning for training. Waaah. And here I was thinking I could finally get into the sleepyhead habit of snoozing for at least 10 hours a day. Oh well! It’s all going to pay off in the end… or at least I hope it will! I’m already excited to go! I haven’t packed anything yet though, but I have 5 more days to do that. (Five days nalang pala!)

I wonder if Terri’s all done packing for the ExpoTour. Yesterday, all she had in her Samsonite were a few shirts and swimwear. She couldn’t figure out what to bring, and she’s a self-confessed overpacker. I think she was supposed to bring 12 tops for 5 days in Cebu and Bohol. *smiles* Terri talaga, ever the fashionista. ๐Ÿ˜€ They’re all probably raring to go! I’d be excited too. Makes me wonder, if I weren’t going to the UniGames, would my mom have allowed me to go on the ExpoTour as well? *laughs* Now that I think about it, she probably would… if she allowed me to go to the UniGames with the team, without any… tails. And to think I had my first shot (okay, half-shot) of tequila with the team at the UniGames last year! *laughs* But she doesn’t know that. :p

I’m going shopping with my mom tonight! Yipee! ๐Ÿ˜€ I asked her last night if she wanted to go shopping today, she said that she needed the time to unwind, so yey! I wonder which mall we’re going to. Has to fall somewhere in between, she’s going off to buy at high-end places, I’m going for the budget stores! *laughs* Now that I think about it, I haven’t had any time to really talk to anyone in the family. My brother’s always off at our cousin’s house playing the latest video games. My dad’s always at the office, or at meetings, on business trips, or playing tennis at the club. My mom, ever since angkong’s diagnosis, has been busy going around, doing much more than the usual office work. WIth my sister in Singapore, apparently not missing us very much (bleh), I’ve been busy having study groups at Cel or Terri’s house, coming home just in time for dinner, then locking myself up in our study room with the computer on. Tsk tsk. This is not how a family should operate. It’s right about time for some bonding. And there’s no better thing to bond over than shopping when it comes to girls! ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait.


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