getting back on track.

Let’s see. I attempted to shoot more times than my fingers and toes can count. And how many of those shots actually heard the swish of the net? One. Yes, one. The shaaaame. Here was Rickett, telling me to step up and shoot, and all I could manage was a pathetic bounce-around-the-ring-before-going-in-the-basket shot. Next time, I’d like to have a better shooting percentage naman. Oh well. All I can say is… Ang galing ni Jill! *laughs* Without her shooting, we would have lost. In our hearts, Jill still shot 2 three-pointers, not just one! ๐Ÿ˜€ What would have happened without the last 3-pointer she made? We would probably have gotten into overtime, and the game could have gone either way from there. Eeep. Thank goodness for Jill! *laughs*

Oh! Cel got me this binder as a pasalubong from Hongkong and I can’t wait to use it and put all our handouts for History and Sociology in it! I can’t even believe that I’ve started reading our assignment in SA 21 today, on the first day of classes! I’m a bit excited to get into nerd mode, aren’t I? Let’s just say I really really really want to make up for my first semester performance. It’s time to move on and kick serious butt! *laughs*


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