the wrong way.

What do you do when your eyelids are as heavy as Acme anvils , the sponge we call the brain is well beyond its capacity to absorb information and you still have roughly 50 pages to read for History, Sociology and FIlipino class? Ask me a month ago and I would have said sleep, but that was back when I gave in to my sleepyhead tendencies all the time. Now, all I have is this urgent drive not to. Still, what can you do when staying up means wasting time and not getting the job done? I better start reading handouts during my 1-hour breaks between classes. This is not going to get me anywhere near my cherished dream. Reading this late means lower memory retention, agonizing hours of battling sleepiness made worthless by waking up tomorrow with a clean slate for a brain. It’s as if I never even read anything. Hay ya yay. This is bad. Really bad. I need to get ahold of another study strategy. And fast. I’m starting to resemble a racoon.


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