super bowl of china.

I had lunch with my dad and my uncle today at the Super Bowl of China, Megastrip. It’s probably the first time my dad ever invited me to have lunch with him on his office break. It’s almost always my mom. But since she’s in Singapore shopping her heart out, I guess my dad took it upon himself to play both roles, which explains for the paranoid “be at home by 10:30” text message I got last night. I laughed when Nati described me as Cinderella, having to be home by a certain time. Sometimes I get to thinking that Cinderella’s even luckier. She gets to go home by midnight. I can count the number of times I’ve been out that late with one hand. Still, I do get sleepy before midnight, so it’s just as well! *smiles*

As I was saying, I had lunch with my dad and uncle Joseph. That uncle of mine happens to be a Management Engineering graduate, so he asked me how I was doing in school, knowing that I was sort of “following his footsteps”. Trying to erase last semester’s 2.9 from my mind, I smiled and said “Okay.” He recounts his M.E. experience saying that, like my dad, he had to retake his English courses during summer… but he got straight A’s in math. Yes, he was exempted from taking the final exams for both Math 21 and Math 22. Wow. Never quite realized what a math whiz he was. Are the low English marks and startling Math grades supposed to run in the family? because I don’t think I quite fit in. Here I am, barely getting along with C+’s for both those math courses. I’m sure glad he didn’t ask me what grades I got! I would have cowered and hidden under the table. *whew*

Speaking of grades, I think I better go back to reading my accounting book. Who knows? Sir Darwin might fancy surprising us with a quiz tomorrow. Now we wouldn’t want to be caught like a deer in blinding headlights now, would we?


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