hello china.

This is probably the first time in months that I’ve been home from school way before the sun got the chance to even think about setting. Is that a good thing? Probably is, but I’m getting bored sitting here while my brother’s snoring away. It’s the last day of classes before the christmas break, and there’s still so much to think and worry about. From the Filipino play we have to watch, to the paper we have to write about it, to the books we have to read, to that long test waiting for us as soon as we get back, the so-called break is not at all a break. It’s going to feel like a long weekend crammed with all the homework the teachers could muster (or at least the cold-hearted ones who just really want to make us students miserable during Christmas.)

The good news is, we’re going to China! They say the shopping’s great there, plus it’s gonna be cold so I’ll get to use all the cool jackets my sister brought home from Singapore. *claps hands in glee* Maybe I can get my Christmas shopping done there instead and be the New Year Santa Claus! And I can add a few more places on my “Places I’ve Been To” list. *smiles* We’re leaving on Christmas Eve so I don’t really know when I’ll be able to do my homework. I don’t even know what day we’re coming back! Anyway, school is not really my main concern now that the christmas vacation’s started. I’ve got only one thing in mind. Fun!


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