tomorrow’s pancakes.

It’s pretty weird. For the past week, I’ve been itching to play doubles against DLSU tomorrow, and yet today, I gave my spot up. My mom couldn’t understand it. My brother couldn’t understand it either. Well, of course I had to disappoint them by saying that I chose not to play tomorrow, hence not giving them a chance to watch me in action. And while some part of me is somewhat disappointed, and I’m still trying to bring down the adrenaline I’ve been building up for tomorrow, another part of me is happy.

I’m happy that Carla is finally going to get the chance that she deserves. We’ve all been sacrificing time and effort for this team, and she’s especially diligent at going to practice. I just couldn’t watch her throw away the chance to play at the UAAP tomorrow. She’s so damn good, there’s no way she’s going to keep all that under wraps this whole season! I don’t really know what convinced her, if it was what I said, or just the whole thing, from the 30-minute long bathroom talk with Vane, Jam, Deena, Jo and me to the constant kulit. I’d like to think what I said helped somewhat, I can’t really say. I know she wants so much to play and I wasn’t going to stand in between that, knowing that she could very well hit the life out of those balls and show DLSU a thing or two. So when coach finally texted me again to ask if I wanted to play or if I was gonna let Carla play. I told her that if Carla wanted to play, then she should.

So, tomorrow, I’m gladly taking the role of head cheerleader! And for the first time since the opening of the UAAP, I’m going to go and have breakfast with them at Pancake House! My sister’s choosing sleep over bonding again, but I think it’s about time that we had some together-time. We’re so close to that trophy. I can smell it in the air. I can smell the pancakes I’m going to be eating tomorrow! *laughs*


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