all up to us.

Practice this week every freaking day starting tomorrow. 6 am. Ateneo courts. Don’t intend to be a pooper but if we want to have a shot at the UAAP championship title, which I believe you guys can do, we’ll need to add some effort. This is an opportunity given to you already. We’ve gotten this far. I just want you guys to make the most of it. If we’re lucky, that’s great, but if not, then at least we put up a fight. It will really be up to you.” – Coach Jen
Oh my goodness gracious! 6 am every freaking day? I’m gonna cry. That means I’d have to wake up at 5:00 every morning, take my bath in Ateneo after playing , pay P20 just to take that bath at Moro Lorenzo Sports Center (without an assurance of a hot shower!) and get to class just in the nick of time. To think I have my History midterms tomorrow at 8:30. The only time I cut class this semester was when I couldn’t get to my History class at Bellarmine Hall on time because I couldn’t take my shower in the already filled-to-the-brim restroom. We had to wait for both the women’s basketball and football team to finish freshening up. If I get to class late tomorrow, I don’t know what new words of injury our easily aggravated teacher would have ready for me. I really wouldn’t want to know. So… *whines*

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