finally over.

I’m staring at a little blue box beside me. A little blue box that holds something I wish were a different color. The exhausted part of me is relieved that I will not be having additional bruises on any of my limbs any time soon. I’m such a slowpoke sometimes. Can’t seem to get out of the way of those zooming volleys. *glances at the bruise on my thigh the shape of a tennis ball* Note to self: When opponent is ready to pound ball into the ground with a smash or a high volley, use racket to defend self.

The other side of me is frustrated, knowing what I did out there on the courts today was not enough. Of course, hearing Cza tell me that I played well today made losing feel somewhat better. Best of all, Coach didn’t seem disappointed at all. Having the medal hung around my neck, with the metal UAAP crest resting on my chest, felt fulfilling. Days under the scorching, relentless heat of the sun all made worthwhile. My now permanent tan-mantiong (RJ, corny!) somewhat accepted. I still miss having a single skin tone for my whole body though! I look so chopped up! Chop-chop Lady. I’ve got a shorts tan line, shirt sleeves lines, socks lines, and even a V-neck line! Every time I get up in the morning and stand in front of the mirror, I see black and white! Time for Block & White maybe? *laughs*

Anyway, now that the tennis season’s over, it’s time to set my eyes on something else, the IAC Women’s Basketball Finals on Wednesday! Wheeee! Let’s go MEA All-Stars!


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