verbal omelette.

Verbal omelette (definition): A dish consisting of beaten thoughts and ideas cooked until set and folded over, often around a filling. Served verbally.

It’s lovey-dovey hour! Yes, this line is going to sound cheesy, but I just couldn’t resist plucking it out of a Ryan Cabrera song… “If I’m blind now, and all this was a dream, at least the dream was about you.” Doesn’t it sound like a line right out of a telenovela complete with sad watery puppy eyes and a mellow piano ensemble? I can just imagine how it might play out! *laughs* Anyway, don’t think that the resident, self-proclaimed boy-hater (who does break occassionally, particularly when a 6’3″ basketball player with the same jersey number as yours truly passes along SEC walk), has turned over a new leaf and has gone to the dark side! I’m still Ms. Optimistic-About-Everything-Except-Love.

Ooohh… I just recently discovered the wonders of!

That’s a picture of us last Sunday at Rizal Racket after the awarding. Happy looking bunch of people, eh? *laughs* I like how this picture turned out. It looks au naturelle. Candid. Real. Saturated with the very essence of life. Wheh? You probably get my drift! Forgive me. I’m a little out of it today. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep or just the whole “hell semester” getting the best of me. Still, I was pretty happy when Sir Darwin discussed the answers to our Accounting long test today. Wheeee! I just might make it over 85! Yipeee, what luck! What joy! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my makeshift algebraic proof would merit the full 12 points. If not, well, tough luck but I’m still happy! *big grin*


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