telenovela addiction.

I’m watching “Save The Last Dance For Me” now on TV. Looks like I’m going to have another show to catch every day! I like this far better than “Lovers in Paris,” at least from what I’m seeing so far. It’s not dragging at all. And this Francis/Adrian guy is way cuter than either Carlo or Martin! *laughs* Oh my, “Till Death Do Us Part” looks interesting too! Oh no! I’m going to be a TV addict at this rate! Hmm… Diether’s hair looks pretty funny… Okay, not just pretty funny, really funny! I liked him so much better back in his Gimik days with G. Toengi. And I just realized something, Dominic Ochoa always plays the martyr guy who gets replaced with another guy. Think, “Got to Believe” and now this!

Oooohhh… This is interesting. “Sino ba ang pipiliin mo? Si hospital o si funeraria?” *laughs* My goodness, I can’t believe Kristine Hermosa’s lola asked her to choose between the two guys in front of both of them! Nightmaaaare! *laughs* Oooh! I just spotted Chinie on the Johnson’s Pure Essentials Face Powder commercial with Shaina Magdayao! Wala lang. ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay, I’m babbling yet again. I think I better stop with all this telenovela talk.


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