fashion dilemma: go for rock chic

My head hurts. I have no idea why. I got a decent amount of sleep last night. My day at school wasn’t particularly hectic either. So, what gives?

Anyway, I just wrapped up my Filipino reflection paper on the play we watched two Fridays ago. If I get another D on this one I am going to cry. I think I did a better job on this one. Plus, this one’s packed with nicely-put bull. But, bull works. At least most of the time! *laughs* Give me a B and I’ll rejoice to the heavens above! I’ve exhausted all the possible symbolisms for the first of the three performances. Please don’t let Ms. Bellen write another comment that says I did nothing more than state the postcolonial characteristics. I think I’ve gone beyond just stating the obvious now. I think.

It was amusing to see the number of people walking around schools with flowers or balloons in hand today. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that before. Last year, I was too much of a cynic to notice, or even care. This year, I don’t know.

Choosing my outfit today was an experience in itself. Char told us that we had to wear something yellow for MEAMore week. So this morning, I opened my cabinet door on the prowl for a yellow shirt. I was faced with three choices. A shirt that said “Done with Love,” another that screamed “Single,” and another that merely said “Rock Chic”. The choice was obvious. I went for the last one. Valentine’s Day is not exactly the day for wearing statement shirts! Goodness, I wouldn’t want to break everyone’s bubbles by coming off as this bitter girl donning either of the two other shirts. *laughs*


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