on school, seahorse-chocolates and shopping.

What do you do when you’ve got too much time on hand?

Well, if you were me, you’d be wasting it all by bumming around as well. I have roughly 60 pages of History handouts to read for our lecture and quiz tomorrow but I have yet to bring out the pages from my folder. I really shouldn’t be talking about school again. Sadly, I just have nothing else to write about. And if I do, it would be about things I’d rather keep to myself. Sorry guys. I’m boring the life out of you.

Things at school are looking up though. If rumors are to be believed, Sir Darwin’s devising another way of scoring our third long tests. (Yes! It seems I won’t get stuck with a 25/100 after all! And yes, my test was that bad.) With the new scoring, all I’ll have to do is ace our fourth and final test next Thursday. I doubt I’ll be making a repeat performance of our third long test by that time. I’d like to think I’ve grasped the concept of differential accounting by now! And then there’s History class with Ms. Coo. We get to take bonus points based on the number we roll on the 8-sided dice she’s bringing to class tomorrow. Whoopee! So long as I don’t screw up tomorrow I’m pretty much safe for the exemption. *fingers crossed* Hope whoever rolls that dice tomorrow gets a lucky 8!

Oh yeah, I got swept away with the “Caselet” provided by the real-world case group today. Imagine formulating your own mini-test out of their case! Goodness… It could very well have passed for a sample long test, complete with the spoofed title of “A Very Long Confinement,” typical of the trends by which Sir Darwin makes our tests. Who could forget the tests referring to “Troy”, “Spiderman” and “Legally Blonde?” Yep, our teacher certainly has a sense of humor. On rare occasions, you might even catch him cracking corny jokes in the middle of his lecture. Remember the proud face he wore when he finished that drawing of the pig he used to introduce the concept of joint costs? It was so funny! He looked like a kid who had just gobbled a handful of M&M’s.

Speaking of M&M’s. I still have that box of Guylian Perles d’Ocean chocolates in the fridge. Tempting. I think I better grab one of those seahorse-shaped ones now. Isn’t it weird though? I haven’t exercised much for the last 2-3 weeks, what with tennis training having stopped after the UAAP and the PE classes done and over with, but I’ve lost 3 pounds over the last 2 weeks, even with all the sinful chocolate I’ve been stuffing myself with (thanks to a baaaaad but terribly generous benefactor :p ). Of course, that’s cool, losing the pounds I gained a few months back, but then again… what’s weight if the inches are still there? I am never going to fit into my favorite high school jeans again. *boohoo* That gives me an excuse to buy more new jeans though! *big grin* So… once classes are over I am going to head over to a mall and shop myself silly, until I’ve exhausted most of the money I’ve got set aside for clothes. I can’t wait!

After the GAP 3 at Dencio’s Capitol Hills, after trying on those Bebe Jeans that fit perfectly down to the length, I’ve realized that perhaps, the perfect set of jeans aren’t so hard to find after all. Shopping requires patience after all. Shopping is an art, a science and a sport. It not only practices your mathematical skills (How much are these jeans tagged at P1295 if there’s a 20% discount?), it not only sharpens your eyes (Yes, there’s still a size S for this shirt!), but shopping helps cut down on calories as well (150-300 calories burned per hour)! Yup, shopping sure has its advantages, the only non-perk of it being the deflated wallets and empty pockets. Of course, it only takes a few weeks or months of saving up to finance the next shopping expedition. And then, malls, watch out! (Goodness, if Cel and Tersh take on a mall at the same time, that mall better be ready alright!) *laughs*


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