looking forward: ang hinaharap

I’m 20 hours away from the test that would decide my fate… I want to make it to the DL so badly, but if I screw up tomorrow, then everything will be for naught. Eeeeep! I don’t even know if Sir Bayot would be kind enough to give me an A in Economics. Everything’s teetering on the edge right now. I don’t really know where I stand anymore. And it’s making me soooo nervous, the nail-biting type of nervous that only happens when I’m in Escaler Hall, fidgeting in my seat, staring at my Accounting test, all while twirling my hair. Talk about displaced energy. If only all that fidgeting would make my neurons start firing away. I am so sick of talking about school and worrying about my grades, but sadly, I just can’t escape my GC-ness. It’s only for another day. Afterwards, I am going to make CHILL my middle name! I can taste the salty seas of summer already.

*to guys who do not want to read about something distinctly female, please skip this part.*

Speaking of summer, I want a new bikini! *hehehe* But then, it’s hard to look for bikinis when my frontage resembles a… surfboard. *bleh* Whenever I hear Cel complain about her lack of endowment I can only look down and think “If she only knew…” because if Webster decided to make a fully-illustrated dictionary, my picture would be right there under the word “flat-chested”. My genes have failed me. Whereas my sister got lucky in the gene lottery, I got the raw deal. *tsk tsk* Still, as I always say, it’s so much better to wear a padded bra than to go and have breast reduction surgery. I should consider myself lucky! *laughs* Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard to buy bikinis though. Anyway…

*resume reading here.*

Instead of again going to China for the May break, we’re going to Boracay instead! Yipee! I’ve been wanting to go back there for a long time. The last time I wiggled my toes in the powdery white sand was in 1995, way before some of the famed establishments today were even set up. So… I’m really looking forward to that trip. I just hope it doesn’t get cancelled or anything. For the April break though, my mom’s got all sorts of activities lined up for me… I just hope she doesn’t give me tennis overload, I’ve already got varsity training waiting for me. I’m looking forward to taking piano lessons though… learn a few nice pieces over the summer. *flexes fingers* Maybe this time I won’t mind dealing with Beethoven anymore. (I used to hate his compositions. They’re always sad, creepy and worst of all, hard to play! *laughs*)


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