feeling hot hot hot.

On a normal school day, being given 60 pages of readings is not too bad, especially when you’ve got 6 subjects that could have contributed to that mountain of a pile. But if it’s the first day back in school (summer classes) and you have 60 pages to read for only two subjects, well, that’s a different story altogether.

After reading exactly 39 pages of Mankiw’s Macroeconomics for tomorrow, I have no desire whatsoever to open my Math book. Heck, the title itself is enough to discourage me! “An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and its Applications” Waaahhh… I can’t believe I was actually excited to have summer classes when I went to sleep last night. Goodness. What was I thinking? *laughs* I am going to diiiieeeeee! Not just from the prospect of failing Math, (seeing all those weird notations that Cel and I described as Arabic on the board today made my knees go weak), but also from the unforgiving heat that screams “Welcome back to the Philippines!” to all those lucky enough to escape for a few glorious weeks of perfect California weather. And how about those who had snowflakes settling on their eyelashes while some of us sat here melting like butter? The only thing I have over those who went abroad is my getting used to this weather. Well… I still complain every hour or so, I guess staying in that air-conditioned office for two weeks gave my body the illusion of being somewhere farther from the equator. *hehe* I am sooo stocking up on shorts and skirts! Why is it so hot this summer anyway?

Hayayay! I’m bankrupt na! I had to borrow money just to buy the two books required by the two subjects who both assigned two chapters to read for tomorrow’s class! Odd thing is, both books turned out to have orange covers! Just a random thing to say… I am soooo bored. Anyway, I better put some money into my wallet so I can pay off all my debts. Plus, speaking of books! I just realized I have to change my messenger bag for a backpack! The books won’t fit into my sky blue Billabong bag now, so I’ll have to put it in another blue Billabong bag (this time ocean blue and white in color with accents of orange), resurrected from the dead! *laughs* I remember the last trip I used that bag on, we went to Phuket back in 2002… (I miss Phuket… I doubt we’re going back though, my mom’s too scared of the spirits she says are roaming its beaches…)

Hmm… I’m starting to become extremely disorganized with my thoughts. I think I better sign out now before I end up saying something stupid, if I haven’t already! *laughs*


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