pasalubongs galore.

Wheeee! My parents came home from a convention in Shanghai (with a little side-trip to Hongkong for shopping) last night and I got some pretty neat pasalubongs! Here’s what I got:

  1. Jordi Labanda notebook with holographic cover – The reason why I’m so happy with this one is because Sketchbooks (at Greenbelt 3) is for some weird reason, no longer selling the Jordi Labanda stuff I love so much. I’ve been there two times in the last 6 months and still no sign of any new Jordi Labanda merchandise. Hehe, I still have 3 Jordi Labanda notebooks stored away. They’re just too pretty to be written on! *laughs* Still haven’t found something worth writing in those notebooks.
  2. Jordi Labanda pencil case- Yey! I finally have something to replace my old Jordi Labanda metal pencil case that has rusted all over from the abuse it’s received in the last year or so.
  3. Skechers slip-on sneakers- Finally! I can finally retire my old Diesel slip-on sneakers that have become yellow instead of white and are constantly the butt of insults from my mom! She finally realized that I would not retire it unless I can replace it with something that looks similar and serves the same purpose! *hehe*
  4. Diesel sneakers- Cuuuute! They’re futuristic! Can’t find another way to describe them cause they’re made out of suede and this shiny material that reminds me of spaceships!
  5. Pink bikini- Yey! Looks like my mom took care of the swimsuit shopping for me! I can’t wait for our Boracay trip on May! Sun, surf, sand! Anything away from the impending stress of classes, I’ll take it!
  6. Only Jeans- Oooohh… considering they’re not the typical cut of jeans that fit me, they fit pretty well! I’ll have to have them cut first though!

Considering they only had 2 days worth of shopping, they sure did a great job at it! It’s always after these business trips of theirs that I realize time and again how well they know me! I loved everything they got me. Ang galing! *hehe*


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