crazy about jordi.

Listening to: Blind by Lifehouse

I was prowling through the Internet when I found these! New additions to my must-have list! Actually, I’ve never had a must-have list, but I’ve just got to get my hands on one of these! The wallets are just so cute! And don’t even get me started on the messenger bags! Aaaaah! Why wasn’t I born in Spain so I can have unlimited access to wonderful Jordi Labanda merchandise? And at cheaper prices too! *sigh*

Image hosted by

*drools* Cute, cute, cute!

Whoa! The door just slammed shut! I find that very odd considering it’s an extremely hot summer day absent of any refreshing gusts of wind! I actually went to school in shorts today, no longer caring if people think it inappropriate. To hell with it, it’s just way too hot to be wearing jeans when the denim ends up sticking to your legs. *makes face* Thank goodness I don’t have any SOM classes this summer lest I be subjected to the wrath of our beloved dean whose nostrils flare up at the slightest sight of skin. *hehehe*


2 thoughts on “crazy about jordi.

  1. well, well, well. of course, we have to clarify that statement about our dean going all squirmy at the sight of skin.. it should be “ the sight of woman skin..” i’m sure he’d prefer men showing more skin, if you know what i mean. >:)

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