strange condition.

I wonder when Sir Bataller will return our Math long tests. The suspense is killing me. So far, I’m safely over the 100 passing mark. I’ve passed, but by how much? I hope he’s generous with partial points! *crosses fingers* I know I said I would forget about that test, but I just can’t! I can’t believe what a nerd I’ve been today. Yesterday, on a Friday, I started reading a few pages of our assigned readings for Eco. Now, I’m trying to read Chapter 7 of Mankiw’s book, (not that I’m making any progress) but the mere fact that I’m opening my book on a Saturday night is pretty… disturbing. Unnatural at the very least. *hehe*

Grr… my throat still hurts. Of course, seeing the now-familiar first spew of bloody phlegm whenever I get coughs and colds didn’t help either. Sorry for being so gross… I remember the first time I saw that, I panicked: instantly went online to check out the symptoms of tuberculosis (although thinking it ridiculous that someone like me would have it). As expected, it wasn’t TB. *hehe* And it only happens on the first day I have coughs so, I don’t really know what that means. Does my throat have a scar or something? Pretty weird if it does. For now, this strange condition of mine shall remain a mystery. *hums to Pete Yorn’s Strange Condition*


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