rambling yet again.

Listening to: Incomplete- Backstreet Boys

I just finished reading Nati’s blog and realized that, “O nga noh!! We only have 9 days of school left! Whoopeedoo!” But before we get to that finish line, we have the following to accomplish:

  1. 2nd Math Problem Set (due on Thursday)
  2. Economics Finals (Friday, tackling Chapters 9-15)
  3. Economics Research Paper (due next Monday, 5 pages)
  4. 3rd Math Long Test (next Wednesday)

While it may not seem like a long list, it’s going to provide for more than enough stress. I am most worried about the paper right now. I’m not exactly sure why especially since I got assigned to a fairly easy subject. Maybe because it’s so simple, I’m going to have to find a way to make it look and sound more scholarly… Anyway, now that we’re at the final stretch, I can’t afford to mess up! I hope I get through unscathed. I’m so excited for Boracaaaaaaayyyy! *big grin*

Anyway, I just saw the Backstreet Boys’ new video, Incomplete, on Myx today! *laughs* It’s fun to go back to those teenybopper days. They’ve all grown so much older though! Goodbye to the Nick Carter with the floppy hair, everyone’s matured! Although, AJ still looks the same, down to the same ski cap and goatee look. Anyway, I never realized when I heard the song on the radio that it would be from a boyband making a comeback. (Are they making a comeback or just recording for old times’ sake?) Whatever the case, I actually enjoy listening to this song! It’s got a different vibe to it, must be the violin in the background. The more I listen to it though, the more I question why I never recognized Nick Carter’s slightly scratchy, totally distinctive voice. *hehe* I don’t think it’s the type of song that most people would like though.

Listening to: Behind These Hazel Eyes- Kelly Clarkson

I have 14 more page to read for Chapter 14 of our Economics book. It’s hard to believe that I’ve actually read around 400 pages of our book! Compare that to one page for my Math book this summer! *laughs* And to think it’s been only.. what, 3-4 weeks? For someone who normally does not bother opening books, and buys books only so that I’ll have something to look to in times of emergencies, 400 pages is quite a feat!

Can I whine? It’s sooooooo hot. And our electricity bill’s skyrocketing so we can’t just open the airconditioner whenever we feel hot, no matter how sticky the feeling gets. It doesn’t help that I’m always home alone these days. Opening the air-conditioner is not justified when it’s opened for the benefit of only one (me). I’ll have to wait ’til my siblings get home! *waaaah*


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