that’s odd.

What’s odd? Well, I posted an entry earlier in the day, and Blogger seems to have saved it, but it’s not appearing when I try to open my blog. Oh well. Maybe it’s just on my computer.

I just set a new record for myself! For how long it took me to use up the ink of my trusty yellow highlighter. I thought the previous one I used up had a fairly short life, around the length of a regular semester. Well, this highlighter of mine, made by Faster lasted only 3 weeks! Yes, it lived up to its name alright! Faster, kasi Faster rin maubos! *hehe* Corny, I know… sorry. That’s why you don’t catch me cracking jokes, cause I make up really lame ones! *laughs*

I’m so excited to watch the new soap that’s airing on ABS-CBN tonight! Yeeey! I just don’t know what time it’s going to be on, so I guess I’m going to have to sit down in front of the TV soon so I won’t miss it. Ms. Couch Potato is up for another round of TV!


4 thoughts on “that’s odd.

  1. my highlighter’s dying narin! i think it’s because of the Eco readings. yes, this is the last stretch na. let’s do this! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. So I guess its further proof of my lack of patience for reading that my highlighter still hasn’t died eh noh? Pero heeey, exag rin ung highlighter mo ah.. ilan weeks pa lang eh!

  3. ako nga wla na highlighter e…as in nada! lahat naubos ko na. weird, i don’t think i highlight that much naman though hihi i always leave the cap open :p btw, feeling ko nga faber castle is ok. shocking bright yellow is the way :p

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