White sand. Clear skies. Sparkling blue ocean.

Grabe! 10 years- Boracay sure has changed! No longer are the shores lined with coconut trees leaning outwards towards the sea, they’re now lined with hundreds of souvenir shops, cute little hotels, restaurants and bars. I should have known from all the stories about people getting drunk at Cocomanga’s that there was a booming night life in Boracay, I just didn’t realize that it’s become that crowded there. Thank goodness we stayed at Friday’s which was away from all the bustle at Station 2. There, my brother and I spent mornings trying to build sandcastles! Operative word being TRY. They were pathetic attempts, really. The decent ones looked like those igloo-type houses straight out of Tatooine from Star Wars. Our last two were meant to look like the Coliseum in Rome and the Parthenon in Greece. My mom guessed right on both so I guess they sort of looked like the real things! *hehe*

The sand felt so good between the toes! It was fun just sitting there on the beach at night, wiggling my toes around in the cool white powdery sand and watching the waves roll in and out of shore as a breeze blew. I guess the best word to describe Boracay at night (away from the bars and down by the shore) is romantic. Ayan na, lumalabas na ang pagka-lovey dovey! It was just so soothing! I could have fallen asleep there if the family had decided to stay out longer.

Oh, I saw Sir Danton outside of Cafe del Sol at D’Mall! *hehe* He’s so funny talaga! I waved hello, and he said “Oh, hi! Naku, ang rami palang students dito ngayon! I have to behave myself!” *laughs* I made a booboo though. My dad told me I was sort of disrespectful because I didn’t introduce them to my teacher. I laughed when I thought how I could have introduced Sir Danton to them. “Pa, this is my English teacher, he’s the one who said that Jolly Spaghetti looks like a mop!” *laughs* And then I rememberd, I could have just reintroduced them pala because Sir Danton already knows my dad as Ato. I think they attended the same seminar or convention before. But anyway… there’s always next time, I guess?

Anyway, I’m a bit at a loss right nowl, don’t really know what else to write down. I guess too much fun in the sun melted some of my brain cells. Still, it’s a welcome change from all the worrying about Math 151! Speaking of which, grades come out in 2 days! Eeeeeep!


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