rant rant rant.

Rotten luck + stupidity = bad day.

  1. A random number of 396 means you don’t get any decent class choices for the semester that decides your life!
  2. 47,542.35 is not written as forty seven thousand, five hundred forty-two pesos and thirty-two centavos only!
  3. A 7:30-9:00 class in the morning followed by a 4:30-6:00 class in the afternoon gives you a 7-hour and 30 minute break in between!

Can I cry? I was so irritable this morning after getting my classes because it just plain sucked to have all the classes close in your face. I couldn’t get a decent class, I couldn’t even get a decent schedule! I am so ready to go charging through the departments tomorrow in order to abuse my “athlete powers” and get my load revisions all sorted out.

On the other side of the coin:

  1. While I got stuck with a Dacanay class, I get to be classmates with my high school kabarkada, Diane, again! Yeeey!
  2. I got a “get-out-of-practice-free” card and had lunch with my friends at CPK.

So, today wasn’t a total loss. Tomorrow is going to prove to be a difficult day though. I’ll have to change the schedules for 4 of my classes, obtain a letter from the Athletics office, talk to all the chair persons of all 4 departments, and pay my tuition. If only I hadn’t made that stupid booboo with the check. Anyway, past is past. I’ll just have to get it done and over with tomorrow. For now, I’ll relax and just chill. I’ve got to wake up at 5:30 am tomorrow. I have no idea what I’m doing manning the IAC booth, but oh well! *hehe* It’s better than wasting time at home I guess. So I guess I better hit the sack by 9 to get my 10 hours worth of sleep! *hehehe* Ms. sleepyhead is in the house!


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