let’s kongo!

After typing and erasing my first sentence 5 times, I decide to forego all the drama, forget about grammar, and just type whatever comes to my mind.

I’m listening to Story of the Year’s Sidewalks now after rediscovering it through a fun and brainless Nintendo Gamecube product of ingenuity called Donkey Kongo 2! Sidewalks is one of the songs you can beat the bongo senseless to! It’s soooo fun, brings me back to those days when I’d jump around on the Dance Dance Revolution mat connected to our Playstation. The weird thing is, in concept, both games should be the same. Follow the moving arrows/circles and hit the appropriate things as they get to the line. But for some reason, I’m having an extremely harder time with Donkey Kongo! *laughs* But it’s way way more fun, too, because you feel like you’re this really cool chick who can whack things to a beat, and not like a flouncing bunny stepping on imaginary ants on the floor! Thing is, it’s a bit embarrassing (well, that’s not the right word) for a 19-year old like me to be going to my cousin’s house just to play the game with my cute 6-year old cousin, Josh! *laughs* He has every right to be playing the game while I seem a little bit too old to be having so much fun, sometimes even more fun than he does when we play the duet mode together! Oh well… I better have all the fun I can before we get forced out into the real world. Who knows when I’ll get the chance to just be a kid again?


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