I just realized that I haven’t written here in a while! For the past week, it’s probably because of that MEAnual I had to design and layout in just 5 days! Goodness gracious, it’s a miracle Ferdie and I finished it with just enough time to get it printed for Wednesday’s release! I can’t wait to see my “baby” in print! *grins* Yeeeeey! I hope it turns out nicely! If it doesn’t.. booo… I sacrificed precious hours of sleep for that thing! *hehe* Here’s the cover!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyway, I still have around 60 pages of my Finance book to read but I’m really not in the mood for it. We’re watching a movie in 2 hours so I’m kind of looking forward to that instead. Still, reviews for “War of the Worlds” haven’t been good so I’m not expecting much. At least I get to stare at Tom Cruise the whole while. Still, I wish it were Brad Pitt instead! *swoons* I saw an old movie he starred in called “The Devil’s Own” (with Harrison Ford) and he looked so handsome there, without the slightest signs of waning youth.

Babbling yet again. I wonder why I never get to write interesting things! All my writing skills have mysteriously disappeared. My brain is mush. I seriously do not want to read my Finance book! *whines* But I better get to it… read at least 10 more pages! Fine, fine. I’m off to torture myself with boredom now. *grabs Finance book grudgingly and plops down to read it*


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