the aftermath.

Listening to: April Sixth- Dear Angel

Aaaaah! I can’t stop thinking about that horrid Statistics test we had last Friday. And now, I don’t understand some things about our case in Finance. I can get the answer if I use mathematical tricks like the geometric series, but I can’t solve the questions using the formulas I got from our teacher. I don’t understand why! *argh* I’ve tried using the formulas, with a little tweaking, and I’ve gotten the answers, but I don’t understand yet why they worked. *laughs* Oh well, whatever.

Anyway, I’ll have to remember to download the following songs when I have the time:

  1. Bad Day- Daniel Powter
  2. Stay- Cueshe
  3. Pag-ibig Ko Sa Iyo- Moonstar 88
  4. The Mixed Tape- Jack’s Mannequin (sounds like Matt Nathanson)
  5. Wordplay- Jason Mraz
  6. Over My Head (Cable Car)- The Fray

Hey hey hey! *laughs* I decided to search for the formula for the calculation of future values for annuity due, and hey it works! And my formula works too, although I don’t fully understand the reason why the formula I invented works! *laughs* I haven’t gotten around to figuring out what to do with uneven cash flows yet though. I’ll deal with that next time. *hehe*

Hmm.. I wonder if I should change my blog layout to something I cooked up. My brother says it looks nicer than this one, but then someone else said that this one’s still better. So hmmm, whose opinion should I trust? :p *laughs* I’ll decide one of these days.. besides, I can always change it back to this if the layout doesn’t work out nicely!


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