After a few hours of tinkering around with Photoshop and prowling through the net trying to find out how to produce the scrollbar thing on the side, I have succeeded in giving birth to a design that seems functional! Well, I had to forego the Tagboard, but oh well, I guess that’s what the “Comments” option is for! When I find the time again, I’ll have to fix the links on the sidebar.

Hmm…does anyone know how to make links around images transparent? I mean, so that there won’t be another border that signifies it’s a link? Am I making sense? *laughs* Anyway, I really should get to sleep now! Have to get rid of this nagging cough! It’s going to be another boring day of school tomorrow. Good thing classes end at 10:30 for me! I get to go home early and watch a few more episodes of the OC! I got the inspiration for this design from the OC! You’ll never guess how! Well, actually you could… all you’ll have to do is take a look at the curly hair of the guy on the picture to your left. *nods head* Adam Brooooooody! *grins like an idiot* He’s just too darn cute!


3 thoughts on “whoopee!

  1. Adam Brody ba ung medyo lanky.. Seth ba or something? Haha wala lang, di ko maisip kung irritating or cute siya! and aliw ung bagong look πŸ˜€ bakit ba lahat nlng ng tao nagbblog lately! πŸ˜›

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