am i a nerd?

I should really be studying for my History test tomorrow but I still haven’t gotten ahold of the outline I’m supposed to be using for my review. Oh, wait! Yipee! Well, it seems I just haven’t been checking my e-mail in a bit. Someone sent it through Yahoogroups, alleluia! *smiles* Now I have a 14-page outline to drill into my head. After that, 2 pages of Theology notes to review for our quiz tomorrow. I hope the question tomorrow won’t be too hard. I just got an F in our quiz in Philosophy. And here I was thinking I could climb my way to a C, whoopsie, I guess not! *laughs* Oh well, I’ll just have to make sure I’ll get only A’s and C’s (preferably only A’s) from now on. Cancel the lowest quiz naman e.

Anyway, I’m beginning to think of myself as a nerd. All I ever write about here is school, school, school. But hmm.. nah, I’m not a nerd. I just find it easier to write about these mundane things than about anything that really has to do with me. Not that this has nothing to do with me, but.. I don’t know… I just feel like, anyone who reads my blog won’t really get a nice clean look at who I really am. Yaks, nagdrama! *laughs* Ah well, who says you have to paint a picture of yourself through a blog anyway? Then again, isn’t this the whole reason we’re blogging? To let others see a piece of ourselves? A piece of me, yes, but they’ll never get to put the puzzle together if they don’t have all the pieces. (Goodness, that hour and a half of Philosophy must have really gotten to me, huh?) *hehe*


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