my new goal.

Oh yeah! After watching Adam Brody (I’m sorry if his name has to keep popping up like this. Forgive me, I haven’t had a new celebrity crush in a while! *laughs*) on the 10 episodes of the OC’s first season I’ve viewed starting Monday, I have been reintroduced to a piece of transportation that has long been forgotten and thrown into our dark and napthalene-ball scented bodega. My blue skateboard! Yes, I do have a skateboard stashed away somewhere.

When the Mighty Ducks were all the craze, I decided I wanted to try out both rollerblades and the skateboard. I did pretty well with the blades, but the skateboard was a whole other story. And since nobody around knew how to work it, I never had the chance to ask anybody how to ride it. All I could do was stand on it and lean slightly left or right for a really wide turn. Not much of anything really, so I sort of gave up on it.

BUT, now that I’ve seen Adam Brody cruising along through Orange County’s portwalks looking all cool, not to mention cute(!), inspiration has yet again flowed through my veins! So, one of these days, I’m gonna go get that skateboard (although I’m sure it’s pretty tattered by now), find some kneepads and get out on the streets to try it out again. I know the kneepads will look kinda geeky, but then, better safe than sorry! I don’t want any more sports-inflicted scars on my knees. I’ve had enough, thank you very much. I’ve got one from tennis, one from cycling, one from basketball… and the list goes on. *hehehe* I’m so excited to get started! Who knows, if I get good enough, I can buy one of those cool skateboards with the neat designs! *excited by the thought of cool wheels* Who wants to learn along with me?


2 thoughts on “my new goal.

  1. have you seen herbie? lindsay lohan was awesome on the skateboard. as in nakakainggit. my shobe used to have a skateboard too but she never figured out how that thing worked. haha hanggang sa nasira nalang ata.

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