smeg = stress! mega exag grabe!

Wow, it feels like ages since I last wrote down anything for my blog. School has really got me working like a slave. It sucks when you get up in the morning to look at yourself in the mirror, only to be greeted by the world’s biggest eyebags. It sucks that when you get to school, your teachers never return your long tests with any letter mark higher than a C. It sucks that I don’t really get to spend real honest to goodness quality time with my friends anymore even when we’re together because all we seem to worry about these days is school, school and school. Agh! The stress is just too much to take!

Imagine, this Friday, we have a group presentation for History and we have not written down a single word about the revolutionary clergy! Add to that my second long test for Theology which accounts for 17.5% of my grade! I haven’t started reading on that either. Eeeeep. This is baaaaaaad. Do not even get me started on next week. Hayayay.

Everyone’s starting to rethink the decision that put us into this miserable hell semester, the decision we made 2 years ago in the ignorance of our fresh-from-high-school-butts’ youth. Is M.E. really all it’s cracked up to be? Tsk tsk. We have got some serious thinking to do. Spend the rest of our college lives like this, or break free and get even better grades along the way? It sounds like an easy decision, but somehow it’s not. I don’t exactly want to leave “home”.


4 thoughts on “smeg = stress! mega exag grabe!

  1. di bale, groupmates naman tayo e…in short, sabay tayo mastress! shetek! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ but whehehe shmpre nagcomment p ako dito! i got bored reading the antique book from the lib and feeling ko i’ve exhausted it na as a source for our histo so on to the next book tom…wala lng, di ko nga lam if i want our report moved or what…parang oo na nde…oo in a sense na cge lng, patayin na nila ako in 1 week, nde kasi i still want to live! haha

  2. Akala ko pa naman ang daming nakakrelate sa entry mo about stress. :p haha! smeg = stress! mega exag grabe!It sucks that when you get to school, your teachers never return your long tests with any letter mark higher than a CI wholeheartedly agree. Good luck with histo ๐Ÿ˜€

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