By 8:30 pm, I will get my lazy butt off this chair and go type the rest of our History paper. I’ve got only one more page to go, and then I’ll have to invent page numbers for the quotes from the book by Fr. Schumacher. I went back to the library to try to borrow the book again but it was off the shelf. It’s due back tomorrow so maybe I’ll borrow it then. Hopefully the person who borrowed it doesn’t have plans of paying overdue fees. I really must finish this by tonight. My whole weekend’s booked down to the last hour. I can’t take it! *whines* And to think I haven’t even started trying to fit in any time for our Theology paper… and it’s due on Monday! Goodness gracious. God help me! *nervous laughter* I don’t know how I’m going to get through this weekend! But I have every intention of starting it off with a bang!

Friday night is not about starting straight away on study mode. SOM Night first! And Taco Bell! I wanna find out if it’s all it’s cracked up to be! And after I’ve “earned” those 3 bonus points for our Operations Research long test, I will get my much needed rest before I burst into full-powered study mode. Hope my fuel doesn’t run out before Sunday ends. I need to get everything done. Everything.

Whoopsie daisies. It’s time for me to leave, however unwillingly, my spot at this computer. Duty awaits. Ta-ta.


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