four days in.

It’s the fourth day of the sem break and already I’ve given myself a drastic new change. I chopped off around 6 inches of my hair! *laughs* I’m not sure exactly how I like my hair now, some times of the day when I catch my reflection I think “Yipes!” Other times, I think “Hey, it’s cute.” and most of the time I just think “It’s okay. If people don’t like it, it’ll grow right back!” If you want to see a pic you’ll have to ask me! I’m still trying to look for the USB cable for the camera! *laughs*

The good news is, we got the plus 30 for our paper! Yey! Too bad I can’t get the paper back, and it was so preeeettty! *laughs* Of course, I’m just saying that because I designed it. I’m not exactly my own worst critic! Anyway, I’ve got to go eat lunch, take a bath and pay the Am Express bill for my dad. Tsk tsk, I don’t even know how! *laughs* My sister always did it, never I. But if it the process is the same as Citibank’s (i.e. pressing buttons on an inanimate object), then I guess I’ll do okay!


2 thoughts on “four days in.

  1. 6 inches?! WHAT?! Haha oh my. Had my hair trimmed today 2 inches lang natakot na ako eh, and you restyled yours 6 inches shorter?! I’m intrigued to see how it looks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. haha, well maybe exaggerated ang 6 inches, syempre some parts of my hair got chopped off more than the others! *laughs* the longest strands of hair fall around 2 inches below my chin ๐Ÿ˜€ longer than nati’s pa rin naman ata hehe

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