made it past 50!

I’ve finally driven a golf ball beyond the 50-yard mark! Yipee! *laughs*
October 19, 2005– It was a day I will remember as the day of my first golf victory!
Hoping for many more “victories” to come! Next stop, the 75-yard mark!

I dedicate this milestone to Muri, Rickett and Aaron who did not laugh their butts off even as I was laughing my own butt off! For trying to correct my awkward stiffness, and for being patient with a laughing hyena of a student who did not seem to pick up that well! *laughs*

Ang saya! Nati! We should try this out again next time! It’s fun!


2 thoughts on “made it past 50!

  1. layds! haha onga… dpat maulit yung driving range experience na yan! ay wla lng…i played frisbee sa beach! ang cool tlga!!! :pnyhu, may bowling pa tyo right? time to beat the boys! cge yun lng…im stuck dito sa html! i feel so stooooffeeeddd!!! heheheenjoy singapore…just in case u read this there :p

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