good morning.

First, a birthday greeting: Happy 20th Birthday Cel!

Girls night-out in celebration of Cel’s birthday was so fun! I got home at exactly 12 midnight, just in time for my Cinderella curfew. Everyone was so dressed up (dangling earrings, pointy shoes, fancy bags, the works!), it was a bit strange having that feeling that we’ve all grown up. And as we sat at the Manila Penn’s lobby, with 3 frozen margaritas, a Manhattan and a Singapore Sling on our table, plus 2 huge bowls of ice cream (!) , it felt somewhat surreal. I still can’t believe we’re 20 now! (Okay, I’m still 19, but that’s only till a couple more weeks.) For some weird reason, I feel stuck at 18. Every time someone asks me my age I’ll have to concentrate real hard in order to remember that I’ve turned 19, and that I’m turning 20 in 2 months! Odd indeed.

Anyway, it was fun just hanging with the girls, after that horrible SMEG sem, catching up on each other, waiting patiently for their stories to be told, just sitting there having our own “talk show”, yakking on and on and on about anything and everything we could think of. It was so relaxing to bask in their presence, sink into the cushioned sofa and watch the animated conversations go back and forth. It was amusing to observe Jill as she tried to look behind her back nonchalantly in order to catch a glimpse of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez (who by the way was stunningly simple and beautiful). Think perfect posture, perfect skin, perfect ponytail. And yet, everything came together not as a glaringly in-your-face type of beauty, but a subtle glow, even as she wore the average white jeans and shirt. As for Richard, let’s just say if it was a wee bit darker in the Manila Penn last night, I don’t think I’d see him save for his orange shirt. *hehe* I know that sounds mean, but I just didn’t really think he would be that tanned! I mean that in the nicest way possible.. *smiles innocently*

Ah yes, you must be wondering why I am typing away here while it’s ony 8:16 in the morning. We were supposed to have tennis training today at 7:30 but lo and behold, the courts were wet! And so, because Vane texted that valuable piece of information, halfway to Ateneo, achi and I turned right around and went back home. And so here I am, back to my sedentary lifestyle! (Did you know that sedentary means characterized by or requiring much sitting? Wala lang. I didn’t know that’s what it mean literally or by definition until a few days ago.)

Anyway, I better go ask permission from my mom if I can play badminton later on with Tersh, Cel (if she goes) and the others. I need my exercise! I don’t know if it’s going to ruin my tennis, but one day of badminton isn’t going to hurt much… I hope! :p


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