5 things…

Got tagged by Cel!

10 years ago I…

.. was a real-life Bugs Bunny (think big teeth, scrawny legs).
.. wanted to be a writer or an architect.
.. went to Australia and fell in love with the kangaroos.
.. ate candies/sweets everyday. (Chocnut, Hany, Orange Swits, Tarzan, and much more.)
.. loved to recite in class. (Whatever happened to that?)

5 years ago I…
.. welcomed the new millennium at the Makati Shangri-la hotel.
.. had a teacher who answered that green was the combination of red and blue. *slaps forehead*
.. joined my first table tennis tournament.
.. had braces.

1 year ago I…
.. was in Bacolod for the Unigames with the tennis team.
.. had my first shot of tequila.
.. rode a jeepney for the first time.
.. was a self-proclaimed boy-hater.

Yesterday I…
.. had tennis training at Ateneo.
.. ate Chickenjoy with Vane and Carla at Jollibee!
.. watched Hitch on DVD.
.. tinkered around with Photoshop.
.. took an afternoon nap. (Sleepyhead!)

5 snacks I enjoy…
.. peanut butter sandwich with Yakult!
.. Greenwich lasagna.
.. butter toast.
.. chips, chips, chips!
.. anything banana! (toron, banana que)

5 songs I know all the words to…
.. Someday We’ll Know, Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman.
.. If You Come Back, Blue.
.. Can’t Fight The Moonlight, Leann Rimes.
.. So Yesterday, Hillary Duff.
.. Backstreet Boys’ songs! *laughs*

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars…
.. whatever my family and friends want, pricey stuff they wouldn’t buy/do for themselves :p
.. donate to a charity that supports livelihood programs (not one-shot deals)
.. invest, save and transform what’s left into another 100 million dollars I can again spend for all the people I love πŸ˜€

5 places I would run away to…
.. can I just not answer this? hehe I don’t think I’ll get to fill up 5 spaces! running away to a cousin’s house would be pointless. Run away, and go right next door? *laughs* Or run away to the house on the street behind ours? or to the house two streets up?
.. most practical, and it would still legitimately be running away, Cel’s house. (I don’t know how exactly to get to Jill’s even if the distance should be just about the same. :p )

5 places I would love to go to..
.. Egypt.
.. Prague.
.. the Carribean.
.. Alaska.
.. back to the Salt Mines between Germany and Austria.
.. (for the 100-foot slides!)

5 things I would never wear…
.. giant polka dots.
.. hot pants.
.. a mohawk.
.. commando boots.
.. Catwoman’s leather outfit.

5 favorite TV shows…
.. Tru Calling.
.. CSI.
.. Ambush Makeover/ How Do I Look? / Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/ The Look for Less.
.. Knock First/ Clean House.
.. The OC.

5 bad habits…
.. playing with my watch’s clasp when I’m nervous or impatient.
.. blocking out sound or my surroundings.
.. perpetual forgetfulness.
.. not knowing the difference between sentimental value and trash.
.. reluctance to accept accountability.

5 biggest joys…
.. eating Haagen-Dazs ice cream, milky chocolates or cheesecake.
.. daydreaming.
.. finishing a project. the feeling of accomplishment.
.. laughing, hanging out with friends.
.. having a great game of tennis/basketball/pingpong.

5 fictional characters I would date…
.. Human Torch! (ditto Cel!)
.. Legolas.
.. Peter Parker (not Tobey Maguire)
.. Seth Cohen!
.. Chichiri in Fushigi Yuugi.


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