While I’m waiting for some files to attach onto an e-mail, I decided to resurrect my one-month-dead blog. I really do need to start writing again, even rambling about the useless stuff seems to help you slow down and take a good look at your life.

Right now, I’ve realized how much I hate being delayed. NOW Cable is currently getting on my nerves. I was late for class today because my homework wouldn’t attach to the e-mail I was sending my Fine Arts teacher. And now this. If that weren’t enough, my Powerbook keeps hanging! And to think it’s an Apple computer… something that supposedly doesn’t crash or hang, or at least keeps those kinds of incidents to a minimum. Tsk tsk. I am sooo ready to have the people at Apple Center change it and give me a new one that’s not so bothersome. To think I already had it fixed because of a Kernel Panic the other week.

A-ha! The files have finally attached!
Off to more pressing matters. I haven’t studied for my OR test yet.


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