hello from copenhagen!

Whee! I love airports and free Internet! πŸ™‚ *laughs* After 2 weeks of no computers and no cellphones (for me at least, since I wasn’t able to activate my roaming), I finally have contact with the outside world!

We just finished our ten-day cruise to Scandinavia and Russia! It was great, you can’t expect anything less from Europe after all. Still, I think this tour has shown me that not all Americans are the bubbly friendly types who talk to you out of the blue. There are also impatient ones who are so ready to give everyone a piece of their minds at the slightest of inconveniences, and yet expect eternal forgiveness when they are the ones at fault. All I can say for that old man who couldn’t keep his mouth shut is, “Buti nga, nakarma!” *laughs*

Anyway, one more thing, SAYANG! Imagine my shock when I saw Aunt Trini on the Star Princess! Turns out, Tersh and I should have been on the same cruise, had she been able to either a) obtain a leave from her OJT or b) start early and end her OJT early. Shucks! So, we ended up hanging out with her two youngers brothers, Tim and Elroy, instead. Tim even taught us how to play Yahtzee! It was so funny how the tension would fill the air once someone threw the 5 die into the box. What else did we do while on the ship? Pingpong. Paddle Tennis (A cross between Pingpong and Lawn Tennis). Bingo. Tong-its. And lots of other stuff, including a LOT of eating!

So, now my family’s off to Ithaca, New York to check out Cornell University’s campus. Shoti’s gonna be studying there this fall, so it’s pretty exciting for the rest of the family to see where we’ll be sending him off to. :p It should be real pretty there since it’s not a city campus, so there’ll be a lot of trees and falling leaves, and cool breezes! *laughs* Labo.

Anyway, I better go now, we’ll be boarding within a half hour. We still have to haul our asses to the gate, which could be on the other end of the terminal, I’m not too sure. So, I must leave you now! Till I meet a computer (with free Internet) again! :p


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