how much of an atenean are you? (updated May 10, 2007)

(x) eat at Manang’s
(x) learn the alma mater
(x) get on the dean’s list
( ) sleep on a bench
( ) be a TNT!
( ) jog around the campus in the evening
(x) visit the art gallery — I love love love it there!
(x) know at least one xerox lady, manong, or technician by name — ate alma, ate cora, mang freddie (manong escaler), mang dads who is super duper friendly 😀
(x) get a Jesuit for a teacher — Fr. Dacanay! 🙂
( ) itch from higad bites — buti nalang! hehe
(x) have gotten an F in something — that horrendous 35/100 accounting test, but we had a retest! and got an 80-something grade instead! woohoo!
(x) have taken a crap in school — when you gotta go, you gotta go! *laughs*
(x) watch a La Salle vs. Ateneo UAAP game — front row seats with cel and marts! 🙂 thanks marts!
(x) give a powerpoint presentation — obviously.
( ) study in the caf upstairs
(x) watch a T.A. play
(x) sit on the SEC ledge and watch the stars — i don’t know about the watch the stars part! but we used to sit there a whole lot before cabral’s math 22 class!
( ) eat in Full House, Martha’s Kitchen, and Ken Afford — “bakit may ‘and’? demanding naman nito.” – kevs (I agree!)
( ) sleep in the lib
( ) visit Mr. San Andres
( ) go to the chapel — i should go one of these days. i’ve gone to gesu though?
( ) have gotten a pebble stuck in your shoe/slippers in the middle of the quad
(x) cut class with your block to watch a movie — wasn’t the whole block, but i remember going to metro east for a movie. did we cut class though? hehe :p
(x) sign up for those institutional (i.e. difficult but brilliant) teachers — fr. dacanay 😀 but i liked his class! 🙂
( ) go to CERSA night
(x) have tried siomai rice
( ) learn how to smoke
( ) actually read the book you keep borrowing from the lib
(x) play cards during your free time
(x) dress in business attire
(x) learn to stay awake for more than 24 hours straight — marketing! eviiiil!
( ) have gotten side comments from ASSOC
(x) take (and enjoy) Saturday classes- not too enjoyable.
(x) go to your immersion — payatas 🙂
(x) eat Food for After Thought sandwiches
(x) take time to read the vandalism in the CR doors – Pati na rin sa tables
( ) watch “Minsan Lang Sila Bata” and “Macho Dancer” for class — not in college.
(x) do a last minute paper
(x) have spent a lot for 1×1 ID pictures
(x) get exempted from final exams
( ) attend a college mass
( ) promise to quit smoking
( ) play hide-and-seek in the mini-forest
(x) know where the best restrooms are on campus
(x) join an org
(x) allow yourself to make mistakes
(x) take summer classes
( ) admire the sacred heart statue in the evening
(x) make a video for a project — “chem1. i played a human-sized mcdonalds french fries mascot. sadness.” – kevs (wahahaha! i remember! wahahahahahaha!) — history 16 with ms. coo, i was lin! :))
( ) have a crush on a teacher — ngyeks.
( ) attend a Jesuit retreat
( ) have gotten a parking ticket
(x) come to school in your crappiest yet most comfy clothes
( ) learn how to use the Bayantel pay phones
(x) participate in school activities
( ) catch the Blue Babble Battalion tryouts
(x) ride a tricycle on campus
(x) find a tambayan
( ) admire the marikina valley at night
( ) go drinking along Katipunan
(x) learn how to beg for a higher grade- Ma 151, hehe.
(x) use your cuts wisely
( ) volunteer to be class beadle
(x) had the worst lottery schedule for reg
(x) admire the trees on campus
(x) have forgotten about your freecut and gone to that class- CHN 6! and i was wondering why everyone was late!
(x) eat in the ISO canteen — block T bonding days!
(x) be active in your org
( ) have signed up on an ACP class just because the girl or guy u like signed up for it
( ) get as many app forms as you can during the job fair
(x) learn how to cram
(x) sell tickets (or watch) an org-sponsored movie premiere
(x) save money to Xerox all of your seatmate’s notes
( ) have accidentally seen a make-out session
(x) check out the Meron Lagoon and Lambingan Bridge
( ) have dozed off in class in Bel right after a class in CTC/SOM/Comm. Bldg or vice-versa
( ) learn how to work with groupmates from hell
( ) perfect the art of parking on campus
( ) had a bad encounter with one of the guards on campus
(x) develop a love for sisig
(x) learn how to pronounce “AEGIS” properly- dapat lang, aegis now rules my life…
( ) have used typing rooms at the library
(x) have reserved a classroom, AVR, etc. for a class or org function
( ) have asked the library for an endorsement to research in other libraries
(x) have lost a perfectly functioning umbrella — i’m so forgetful 😦
( ) have used consultation hours properly
(x) Looked forward to lab breakage refund, in case you didn’t break any equipment
(x) visit the Guidance Office
(x) and Infirmary


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