a new look for a new year

So, I decided to update my blog’s look to better reflect who I am now. Yes that’s me on the picture on the left. And yes, that is my pink half-filled hamper waiting for Sunday to be emptied. I’m sorry for the stripes, I’m just really into them right now. I will take pictures of my cubicle at work and post it here just to show you how far this obsession has gone! Haha

There are still some kinks that need to be worked out here, but I shall slowly figure them out. I haven’t tinkered with html for quite some time now so bear with me. I’ve included a link to my portfolio website though right there on the left, so if you fancy a peek, be my guest!

Anyway, I thought Yessa and Cel were coming back to New York on Sunday, but apparently they won’t be back until Tuesday! Tsk tsk, looks like I’m going to be getting a whole lot more “me” time! I better get creative and do all the things I haven’t been able to do recently. And since the weather will be perfect this weekend, I just might go around the city aimlessly and snap some photographs, take in the sights, maybe visit a museum. There should be lots to do! And oh! I really want a Shake Shack burger too!

Update: March 7, 2009

So I ended up being quite the productive bee. Here’s a little something I cooked up! It’s not supposed to represent anything… it just came out of doodling. I’m thinking of buying a lighter warm gray COPIC pen for the upper part of the background eventually. Those pens cost quite a bit though, $6.49 each at Lee’s Art Shop! But I really like how they look all watercolor-ish, so I just might go back and buy some more.

Also, I bought a new pair of shoes! Hehehe, they’re white and pink croc leather loafers! I just couldn’t pass them up! They’re totally me and super unique, so even if I don’t really know when I’m going to be wearing them yet I bought them anyway. I left my silver loafers back home in Manila, so these will perfectly fill their places, hehehe. And did I say they’re extremely comfortable?

Anyway, JV, Tracy, Neil and I are off to watch Watchmen soon at the AMC Loews Theater at Lincoln Square. Yey! It’s supposedly good! I hope it lives up to the hype.


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