craving for milk tea.

The smell of food is making me hungry. I’m not sure what I’m having for lunch yet today. And it’s still much too early to grab something to eat. I usually wait until the clock hits 1pm before I go out and buy my food. I find the afternoon doesn’t feel as long if I do that. And then comes the 4:30 pm trip to the kitchen for some English Breakfast Tea with milk and sugar. Yum! Although that still doesn’t beat actually going to Saint’s Alp Teahouse and getting myself a jumbo cup of their Black Milk Tea. Even my sachets of Lipton Milk Tea Gold are better than what we have here at the office. Maybe I should grab my stash in the apartment and stock them here instead. I’m suddenly itching to walk down to 9th street for that Saint’s Alp milk tea, eep! Nooo! I musn’t. It’s such a waste of lunch break time. Maybe I’ll ask shoti to meet me down here tonight to have dinner there instead. πŸ™‚ Ah yes, that sounds like a plan!


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