apple store and saint’s alp!

I was finally able to get my Saint’s Alp Black Milk Tea fix last night when D (Diana) and I stopped by for some Chicken Chop after we attended a free AIGA/NY event at the Apple Store on Prince Street. Alicia Cheng and Sarah Gephart from MGMT. Design were there as a part of the Design Remixed series to talk about the work they’ve done at their studio and their process. It was pretty interesting for me to see the range of projects that they got to work on. The most famous project they’ve done is probably the design for Al Gore’s The Inconvenient Truth book (which had around 85,000 copies printed on its first run.) I have yet to read the book, or to even watch the documentary (shame on me!) I must remember to find some time to do those things soon.

I’ve always wanted to read this.
Anyway, it was also great that they were real sports about showing one of their “stinker” projects to the audience. πŸ™‚ I found the whole presentation quite entertaining, in large part because I found Alicia’s deadpan voice quite funny! She would say these half-jokes in a straight unemotional tone that somehow made whatever she said seem funnier to me. Go figure! *laughs*

What I found amazing is how they were able to keep all the different aspects of their lives in sync: their friendship, their business and their respective families. They have two children each but the way they talked and carried themselves made it seem like juggling motherhood and their careers was the easiest thing in the world. I guess it’s to be expected from two Yale MFA graduates right? Now if only I were as smart or gifted… Hmmm… I have to figure out first where I’ll be in the next 5 months. I don’t even know yet if I’m staying here or going back home in December. Tsk tsk. I hope the answer finds me soon!


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